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Sky Force 3D
VR: Sky Force 3D
Genre: Animation
Land: Hongkong, USA
Jahr: 2012
Monat: 91
Bild: 1.85:1 (16:9 Breitbild) / Farbe
FSK: 6
Verlag: Tony Tang

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 Note: 5.33  Stimmen: 3  Platz: 0  

 Note: 3.1  Stimmen: 247  Platz: 0  
Sky Force is the most elite emergency fighting team in the sky. After hot-shot team member Ace breaks ranks on a dangerous mission and it results in tragedy, he leaves Sky Force for a dreary job in cargo hauling. But Ace can't forget his former life or his friends at Sky Force. When his cruel boss puts his cargo co-workers in danger, Ace takes action. Knowing that he can't be a hero on his own, Ace overcomes his fears and calls on Sky Force to help save the day!
Randy Charach, John S. Flynn, Heather Gordon, Aaron Krebs

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